Dialog in the Dark is the Social Entertainment of Darkness

Visitors are led by visually-impaired guides in small groups through specially designed darkened rooms. Scent, sounds, wind, temperature and textures convey the characteristics of daily environments for example a park, a city or a bar. In this process, the experience reminds visitors of potential of a variety of senses, the importance of communication and its comfort.

Dialogue in the Dark, which was founded by a doctor of philosophy
Andreas Heinecke in 1988, Germany, has been presented in 39 countries, more than 130 cities throughout the world and more than 8 million visitors have gone through an experience in the Dark as of 2015. The first exhibition in Japan was held in November, 1999 and now two venues -Gaienmae venue in Tokyo and House of Dialog in Osaka are in operation. Approximately 170,000 visitors have already experienced the DID Japan until now.

This is not simply a mock experience of the world of the visually impaired. Rather, I believe people can make new discoveries by sharpening their other senses in environments where there is no visual information,
says Shinsuke Shimura, CEO of Dialog in the Dark, Japan.

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Dialog in the Dark is holding an exhibition conducted in English. Are you interested in experiencing and exploring darkness, stimulating your five senses, meeting new people while having some fun? We welcome English speakers to join this session.
*Except for our regular English session, which is organized every month, all other sessions in DID Japan are only conducted in Japanese language.

【Visitor Impressions】

"Complete dark was more relaxing than I had expected. Before I entered, I really felt anxiety. However, on the verge of end, I wished I could stay more if I could."--Male, 21, student

"At first, I felt nervous and scared because I didn’t know some of the people, and how the tour was going to be like, but once I started, it was very fun and exciting! We got to communicate and talk a lot and that was fun too!" --Female, 12

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Since it is not possible to use one s visual sense, one has to activate entirely new resources, instincts and unused potential to reach a set goal: Darkness accelerates, amplifies and anchors learning processes. As the experiential learning workshops which raise awareness while having fun, more than 400 companies adopted this experience of darkness in aiming at, for example, Effective Communication , Teambuilding , Innovation Ability , Leadership and Diversity Promotion .

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Address: Jingumae 2-8-2 - B1F, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001, Japan
Phone : (+81)-3-3479-9683

* Unfortunately, we do not provide on-site parking spaces. Please travel by public transport.

By Tokyo Metro Line
Gaienmae Station (exit3) 8min walk/ Omotesando station 14min walk/ Kitasando station 13min walk/Meiji-jingumae Station 13min walk

By JR Line
Sendagaya station 12min walk/ Harajuku station 15min walk

[Osaka] *No English session provided at the moment.
Address: Sekisui House of Dialog Osaka, Knowledge Capital 4F, Grand Front Osaka North Building, 3-1 Ofukacho, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0011, Japan
Phone: 0120-29-2704

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